What to play on Holidays?

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Every gamer have non answered question like “What to play now” and “What to play on holidays”. Well, now we will tell you what to play. The best game for playing on holidays is OurWorld game. Also for even more fun you should try ourworld gem codes!

Probably you have never heard about this game, but we did and we can surely say to you that this game is pretty awesome, especially when you are on holidays and younger gamers do not go in school. Mostly gamers play everything when they are going in school or college, or even on job and when holidays come over they do not have what to play. Then they are mad at them self, like “why did I have to play all these games at once and now I am bored”, but do not worry, you are very lucky because you find our article and now are you reading it. That is telling to us and mostly to you, that you are very great at searching for solutions by using a Google.

I now a few guys in my neighborhood that they are self called “gamers” and that they do not now how to properly use a Google Search. Then they are sending me a message “Hey buddy, can you find me something to play” or “Hey mate, what are you playing? Can you send me a link from some super cool game that I can play” and then I send to them, but I do not know what they like and what they want. But when you use a Google by your self, you can find anything you want and anything you like. Why is that so? Because you can simply write a type of game, like action or something else and Google will give you that. Very simple.

But no, people are lazy and they want all and right now! So we decided to give them they. We are giving you all and right now, and that all is our article about this cool OurWorld GemCodes game, which you are probably play after reading this article.

Let’s present you a ourworld game, I think It is a time for something like that. In this game, you are creating your RolePlay in game profile with who you are going to play and that profile will be your person in game. Now, when you start to playing,  all what you can do is all what you can do in real life. You can hang out with people, met people in nice places, share things or giving things like presents, talk to other and even dirty stuff.

menu from ourworld

Well, that is all from us for now about this game, because it is not that good if tell you every single thing about this game and it will not be interesting for you to play, because you already now everything. Now, all what you have to do is to go there, create your account, start with playing and enjoy in game and in holidays.

How to build succesful youtube gaming channel?

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There are many people that want to earn money from playing games,and thanks to sites like youtube,now there are more then thousand young people who are earning by placing their favorite games! How? Well,you will need to make people weant to watch you! What does this mean,is,that not all people can play games and earn income from it. You actually need to make people like you,and often if you are doing this only for income you won’t be so good at it. People can feel this,and if they fill you are only for money,they won’t watch you,and you won’t be that popular.

That being said,you will need good gaming PC. Why? Because most of games you are going to play are going to be graphic hungry! Latest titles are what people search most,and you just can’t play old games and expect to become popular unless you are bringing something new to the game. Also your fps will drop when you are recording videos. Nvidia have software built in,called Shadowplay,which allows you to record game without loosing that many frames per second. This can be very helpful! Still,you do need strong machine to edit your gameplay’s,count on at least 16 gb of RAM,and you probably need more then that,something like 32gb is usally best. Also fast CPU,you will have to go with high end Intel CPU because they are just that faster.


Next thing you will need to do,to become popular,is be good at what you do. Even if you start paying ads,and even if you promote yourself on many ways,you still won’t be so popular as someone that is orginal and fun to watch. So before starting anything,ask yourself,would you watch yourself? Ask some people on gaming forums,is they say no,then you should probably improve something about yourself.


One more thing to consifer is quality. You will just have to be able to provide videos in 1080p,that is what people are looking right now,and some even watch 4K. So you will need to have fast internet connection also. There are many times you will need to spend in editing video as well,in rendering,and that is why making youtube videos is not easy task! However,once you pass 100k suscribers things usually go up for you! Of course if you work hard!

youtube gaming

Last thing is that you would want to promote your channel SOMEHOW! I know many ways you can do this,but I am not really going to tell you all off them now,I will talk about them in my next post most likely. Until now,if you are not sure about starting youtube channel,it can be very hard,and if you are under 16-17 years old,do not try! Nobody don’t want to see some kid playing video games,that is just stupid. You need to be able to think smarter,that’s why its best if you just wait some time and you will be fine.


For the end,I would just like to say that you won’t be succesful if you do what everybody else does,you need to have something special,something that other people will look and think “This guy is very good at this,I WANT to watch his videos”!


If you have anyquestions what so ever feel free to leave a comment! Thank you for your time!